May your universe be enhanced with this knowledge

21 07 2011

Is the world we live in somehow interwoven or inter-connected?

All ancient cultures believed so. From the Egyptians, to the Chaldeans, from the Chinese, to the Indians, they all saw profound connections and meaningful correspondences in every breath of their life. Ancients knew the doctrine of analogy. They called the analogies “sympathies” . Instead of marking differences they studied  similarities and correspondences.

They studied events and patterns, analogies and forms.

In medicine and natural sciences they used analogies to describe correlations between parts of the body and times of the year or positions of celestial masses, they correlated seasons, geographic directions, forces, atmospheric events, foods, emotions …

They correlated all and every event and manifestation or object. They extended this concept in practical life with the doctrine of signatures, noticing similarities between shapes of human organs and parts of plants or other medicinal derivatives.

The plant for the heart had a “heart shape” (Leunurus Cardiaca), the one for the lung a “lung shape (Pulmonaria officinalis) and so on.

They classified the mind of the person as a part of an integrated whole, a full continuum of meaningful events in time.

Today few glimpses of this insight have been perceived through concepts such as the well-known Jungian  Synchronicity that has replaced the idea of the “magical thought” of the ancient.

With the coming of the modern discursive approach to phenomenology, this ancient perception has been buried, only to be renewed synergistically with materialistic consciousness by eclectic scientific researchers.

When humans perceived themselves within a connected meaningful universe they were able to deal directly with their feelings and emotions – they were in direct contact with reality.

So herein we have the researches of modern borderland scientists who dared and still dare to test the ancient knowledge while questioning the modern, and finally have taken active steps toward synthesis and understanding of the major forces in our lives.

With open minds, we can come face to face with a new form of knowledge, born of the old, evolving through the present, to synthesize science and life force for the future.

In past stages of consciousness humans were directly in touch with the archetypal forces that penetrated their existence.

These forces were the principles, the orders, all-pervading and all influencing capable of formative and trans-formative powers. They were and they are speaking to us in their interface language. This language can be understood because understanding is the very nature of the mind.

May your universe be enhanced with this knowledge.


How can evolution work against us?

14 03 2011

Thanks for the feedback everyone! I have put your advice and comments together and produced a new video.

Discover the double-edged sword of human evolution and what you can do about it!

Video on The Evolutionary Glitch

7 03 2011

For not having posted a new blog entry in a while, I give you something else: A video on The Evolutionary Glitch.

I have been asked to provide something that would help explain the main concept of the book in simple terms and hopefully this has been achieved.


Priority on Health, where do you stand?

11 12 2010

Why do people risk their health in order to earn more money, but then need to use their money to regain their health?

Isn’t it about time we reversed this equation and started thinking about our health and well-being first?

What do you think?

Where are your priorities?

Are the elderly over drugged?

4 12 2010

In America, the elderly population of 60 and above makes up approximately 8%. However, more than one-third of all pharmaceutical medicines prescribed by physicians go to them! Considering that the elderly person is prescribed 6 different medications to be taken simultaneously, it is not surprising to discover that some of the medicinal side-effects are related to increased signs of aging.

For instance, forgetfulness, incontinence, dementia, fatigue, weariness, lethargy, impotence and digestive problems traits most people would associate with old age. But several drugs routinely prescribed to elderly populations, including for blood pressure and cholesterol management, also have these symptoms as known side effects.

Though there is no current study being referenced that proves the correlation between the consistent over-medication of the elderly population and their speed of deterioration into senility and age-related incapacity, it does raise the question as to why removing most of the simultaneously prescribed medications can very often reduce the unwanted symptoms.

Diseases caused by the medicines we take!

29 11 2010

When 14,000 women who developed breast cancer after taking HRT complained to Wyeth a few months ago, their public relations managed to sweep everything under the rug. Already back in 2002, the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) had conducted a very important study in which they found that Wyeth’s hormone replacement therapy increased the risk of breast cancer, ovarian cancer, stroke and heart disease. Despite this astonishing discovery, little was done and more than $2 billion in revenues were nonetheless collected.

How many heard about this? How many did something about this? How many are willing to change the way they depend on the pharmaceutical industry to provide their health care? How many will simply shrug their shoulders and continue with their day?

Forget the pill

23 11 2010

There has been a recent rise in negative feedback on the effects of Bioresonance therapy stemming from very little data or actual knowledge of the method itself. Perhaps this is a ruse from the medical industry attempting to veer people away from natural healing methods. Perhaps it is originating from a fear of new approaches to treatment methods.

But why is it that modern society is convinced that the only means to remedy a physical problem is to run to the doctor for a prescription? What is the reason behind which people think a pill is the easiest, fastest and simplest way to cure an ailment?

If we continuously supply the body with certain substances, we teach the body that it no longer needs to produce it itself, rendering it dependent on the supplements provided. This is the reason why the body (and the organisms that attack the body) learns to adapt to products like antibiotics and pain-killers leaving us to have to increase the dose and potency of the medications.

What many people fail t understand is that the highly sophisticated mechanism of the living body enables us to find the strength to overcome even serious conditions if we can teach our bodies to do so. Given the right natural stimulus, the body awakens to the realization that a healing process it to be put into place. The self-healing mechanism of the body often requires little more than a trigger.

This is the principle behind Bioresonance therapy, whereby the electromagnetic resonance of the body is analyzed and any weaknesses or abnormalities in this resonant wave are mirrored back in a specific manner. This enables the body to recognize the flaw in its system and manage it in a natural way, avoiding unwanted side-effects, dependencies on pharmaceutical products, or a progressive weakening of the body’s defence mechanisms.